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What's lunch without a soup?

Soups are an indispensable meal, kind of aperitifs which opens the appetite. Old probably as the history of the cooking. Combining a variety of spices and ingredients has always been an art, because we in Kolmix always try to bring in your kitchen only the best that nature and man can offer, and they are of course our KolMix soups.

The rich flavors, with only natural ingredients with no additional food coloring and flavor enhancers guarantee a delicious soup and a good lunch.

A special effort has been made in the development of our new brand, “Pomoć pri kuhanju” (Help while cooking), which always needs to be at hand for our customers.
This mission we started two years ago when we offer you a Vanilla sugar and Baking powder, and now we have expanded the product line for 25 new spices packaged in glass which we hope it will find its way to your kitchen and your heart.

Do you want to feel like a chef in your kitchen?

Dare to try new things, because Mixes each dish makes a delicious and easy to prepare.
With new KolMix mixes spice mixes can enjoy the rich taste with easy and quick preparation, and any ingredient of our mix is natural, without colorings and flavor enhancers.

Spice up your life with KolMix spices!

Spice up meat, fish, soup, sauce, vegetables, salad, potatoes, rice or pasta with KolMix unique spices that give your food a unique flavor and taste.

Feel the scent of the South in your kitchen. Enjoy cooking with KolMix spices!

Premium gastro

Listening to the needs of our customers and following market trends, we decided to make a breakthrough in Gastro Packages, and to make this category just the way we know in KolMix – top-notch.


Vanilla sugar refines and flavours desserts of all kinds.
Baking powder is traditionally used to prepare the dough for cakes and baked goods.



Kolmix Polenta is a quality corn flour and it may be served as a hot porridge, or it may be allowed to cool and solidify into a loaf that can be baked, fried, or grilled.

Kolmix mixture for dumplings

Dumplings are big boiled balls made from potatoes or bread, part of the German, Hungarian, Austrian and Czech cuisine but also many other countries. We all well know grandmother’s plum dumplings that we all like, but dumplings are also used as a side dish, dessert or in soups. We, in KolMix, always try to help you with any food preparation and offer good and tasty solution.